Beautiful     Inspiring    Affirming

These are often words used to describe the events presented by Dan.

Perhaps it’s his Jesuit formation. Maybe it’s his years of serving as music and liturgy director at parishes and Catholic universities. It could be his years of collaboration and fellowship with the Saint Louis Jesuits. Perhaps it was the home in which he grew up, with parents who cultivated and nurtured his faith. Perhaps it’s all of these things that have been a part of Dan?s unique journey that make him such a singularly effective presenter.

With the same thoughtful care with which he composes, Dan has crafted events that can only be described as soul-stirring. Much like his music, Dan’s events engage hearts with the knowledge and love of God. Many particularly enjoy the events that are based on themes found in Dan?s music. The process of composing takes Dan to scripture, Tradition, and reflection. When Dan presents events with a theme of Here I Am, Lord or These Alone Are Enough, Dan is able to take the message of the song to a much deeper level of understanding.

Dan’s style is wide-reaching, making him a wonderful choice for parishes whose unique needs require that they select presenters and retreat leaders with a capacity to engage that unique audience.

To learn more about the event ministry of Dan Schutte, email or call Betsy Willing in the OCP Music Outreach Department;

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